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Tailored Corporate Trainings

  • Management skills
  • Sales academy and Customer care
  • Specialized marketing trainings
  • Soft skills

Professional Business Consultancy Services

  • If you have your own business
  • If this business grows
  • If you have reached the level in which you are no longer able to deal with the challenges of changing environment
  • If you need professional help and advice on what, how and when to improve

We are here to help you!

Team Building

Enriching and challenging sports and adventure team building programs for the development and improvement of team work for the middle and senior management.

  • Active, sports and adventure
  • Enriching and developing
  • Challenging and uniting

Tailored Corporate Trainings

The main purpose of our trainings is to achieve the next level in the individual and team development of the foundations capital of each councilburnt-people. Whether it’s technical knowledge, trading skills, etc. Soft Skills-we create individual programs to achieve maximum results for the particular person or team. First we analyze the situation and through interviews we reach specific areas for improvement, specific cases and challenges. Then we prepare the program on this basis.

The trainings are based on  three elements – adapted theoretical part, business simulations and solving real-life cases of the company, team or individual.

Consultancy Services & Coaching

Our approach is based on the strict individual profiling of the client and the specific situation so we can achieve the best for him. We always leave the goal that is set to find the right path to reach and. We mainly focus on the development of companies in the following areas:

  • Strategic business planning
  • Structuring of the organisation based on functional needs
  • Building and developing teams
  • Developing individual potential of employees through tailor-made training programs
  • Coaching and mentoring of senior management

тийм билдинг

Подходът за организация на Тийм билдинг програмите ни се базира основно на целта, която мениджмънта иска да постигне с организацията на мероприятието или на проблема, който иска да реши. 

why us

Integrita is a result of many years of experience in the corporate environment, combined with carefully selected modern theoretical models. Our goal is to deliver a product, satisfying and surpassing the expectations of our customers. Our services are customized solutions for every client, based entirely on the specific needs. Our approach breaks theory, experience and analysis through the prism of your company to make the product maximum effective for you!

The key to success lies in the development and this is our core philosophy – reaching the next level for the individual, the team and the organization!


"Extremely professional approach by the team - they spent a lot of time on initial analysis and identifying the critical points the training was intended to address. The prepared materials were not only very suitable but also very memorable and extremely useful. I am impressed by the engagement and the empathy of the team! For me, all training should be done in this way - covering specific needs by using cases from the "living" life of the organization and by providing specific proposals for solving the critical issues."

Lilia Krasteva
Head of Customer Relations, Business Analytics & Training, TBI BANK

"We are happy that we trusted Integrita team in times of fast growth and deployment of our business. They helped us to define the strategy for our future development and set out a detailed plan supporting us to reach our goals. Part of this plan was the delivery of Sales and Customer Service, which was provided professionally and focused entirely on the specifics of our business and team. We are extremely grateful for the professional attitude and personal approach of Integrita and we can proudly say that we have achieved results that exceed our expectations."

Todor Stefanov
CEO of Color Land (Aureka Ltd)

"Integrita delivered us custom-made Customer Service training. All the theory presented was explained trough real business life cases so the CSRs were able to understand and acknowledge 100% of it. There were a lot of practical and role- playing games and everyone had the chance to exercise different techniques in different situations. Now (2 months after the training) I can confirm that a lot of techniques are still being used and our Customer Service effectiveness has increased significantly."

Emil Panchev
President of UAB
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